About Lady In Charge

Lady In Charge is a blog written and created by Miss M, a thirtysomething lady living in Vancouver, Canada.  Like all fabulous ladies, Miss M aspires to be her best every day but knows that in reality we all need some help doing this once in a while.

In her research on how to be her best on all levels – personal style, beauty, career choices and relationships – Miss M found that most of the blogs, articles and books out there were full of rules to follow – rules that helped her see that she just was not willing to sacrifice her own personality and individuality for what someone else said was best for her.

Miss M realized that the real struggle that every lady has is to be the best version of our true selves and filter out what others expect us to be.  We want to aim high and achieve greatness but we don’t want to do this at the expense of having our own personalities!  If we don’t wear the perfect outfit, or bake the perfect cake, or make the perfect decision at work, the world keeps turning and we always have a chance to make things better the next time.

Yes, there are “rules” but Miss M encourages you to make them your own.  Yes, sometimes following others seems easy, but are you really happy?  The heart of Lady In Charge is the “live classy, stay sassy” lifestyle:  to bring class and grace to what you do every day but dare to do this while showing others what is truly great about you.

Lady In Charge is Miss M’s experiment in living classy and staying sassy. We hope you join her as she tests interesting beauty products, creates new recipes, shares the things she loves and tries new experiences, all while trying to be the classiest lady she can be.

Live classy, stay sassy

Cheers to Living Classy and Staying Sassy!


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