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How to Apply HighlighterThe more I learn about makeup, the less I feel I know about how to use it.  Sure, I can apply liquid eyeliner like a pro and my tightlining skills are improving, but there are a lot of products out there that I have yet to learn how to apply properly.  Highlighter is one of those products.  I regularly swipe highlighter on my brow bone (Benefit’s Watt’s Up is my favourite) but I would love to use it on other parts of my face as I know it is one of those products that if applied properly creates a natural, youthful glow.

Highlighter can be applied on the brow bone, but also on the forehead, cheeks and down the centre of the nose, according to this handy illustration:

Seems simple enough, right?  The trick is to make sure that you don’t look like a disco ball by using a soft touch with the highlighter you choose.  Start with a little bit, then layer on a bit more until you achieve the desired effect which should a natural glow.  A cream highlighter will be the easiest to apply and you can use your fingers to do this after you apply foundation, but before you apply powder.   If you prefer to use a powder, highlight after the powder stage.  For some further tips on how to apply a powder highlighter, check out this quick tutorial from The Makeup Chair.


***Disclaimer: I am now fully obsessed with Sineady Cady, especially her accent from the lovely city of Cork, Ireland and expect you will be too after watching a few of her videos.