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This is the part of the year where many of us get weary of winter.   We are done with the chill in the air, that while once felt refreshing now feels biting on our skin.  We are over the pink-blue-gold sunsets in mid-afternoon, as no matter how pretty they might be a little more daylight is what we really need.  We love our boots and tights, but it would be nice to have the option to show off our pedicured toes in some sandals.  We are over winter.

The journey to spring seems far away still and some mornings, it feels like effort enough to get out of bed never mind get dressed and look presentable.  But ladies, we all know it must be done!  So with that in mind, some inspiration from one of my favourite ladies, Mindy Kaling, to get through the last bit of winter and hope for spring to come soon.