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You may have noticed through following my blog that I am a little obsessed with eyeliner, specifically black eyeliner.  Given my colouring (olive), my hair colour (dark dark brown) and problem with dark under-eye circles, it actually makes sense that it is on rare occasion that I’m not sporting at least a little black eyeliner.  And if you have seen me with no eyeliner at all, well you are probably very close to me!

I’ve been in love with L’Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner for ages but I’m always looking for options for the times when I want a softer, more natural look.  Recently, I had been hearing about “tightlining” eyes, which simply put, means to line your eyes as “tight” as possible to your eyelashes.  The result is the most natural yet defined eye that you can imagine.  Your eyelashes look longer and thicker and your eyes look bigger with out the “look at me, I’m wearing eyeliner” effect.

How to Tightline Your Eyes

Tightlining can be done with a regular old eye pencil, but if you want the true benefits of this method, which is a soft and seamless eye line, try a gel or cake liner such as, my personal choice, Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner.  A gel or cake liner usually comes in a compact or pot and must be activated with a liquid.  Some companies will offer their own activator (as Laura Mercier does) which creates a more long-lasting look, but dipping the brush in a little water beforehand I found will also do the trick just fine.  Speaking of brushes, the key is to use a flat eyeliner brush (I used Laura Mercier’s Flat Eye Liner Brush) with the liner.

Though it sounds a bit daunting, tightlining is really not that much harder than lining your eyes the traditional way.  The first step is to dip the brush in water, then load it up with a bit of product.  Then, it’s just filling in your lash line with short, soft strokes from outer to inner corner.  I chose to fill the top of my lashes where most people would usually line their eyes, but if you are adventurous you can do the inside of the lashes, close to the eye.  It really is that simple, but if you need a little help, this tutorial from The Cut is a great step by step on tightlining using a cake or gel liner.