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One of the inspirations behind Lady In Charge has been to challenge the websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc who encourage women to conform to what others think we should be.  I believe that every lady has a classy and sassy side, so why not acknowledge and embrace this?  By society’s norms we are told we must be perfect, prim and proper, while popular culture sells us the idea to rebel, be wild and roam freely without a thought to anyone else.  The truth of it is that we aren’t meant to be one-sided beings – we are meant to be complex and that means something different to every woman.

Live classy, stay sassy is the approach to I take to many parts of my life because it’s truly who I am – classy and sassy!  This also applies to how I approach fashion.  I, like many of you, have a shortage of space in my closet, therefore what I do buy has to have multiple uses and match whatever mood I might feel when I wake up in the morning.   Simply put, my purchase have to fit both my classy and sassy sides!

ModCloth Palette On Parade Dress

The ModCloth Palette On Parade Dress is the perfect dress to show off your classy and sassy sides!

I’ve been thinking about to be more effective at this lately, spending time on Polyvore for inspiration.  I came across this adorable dress from ModCloth the other day which I thought was a perfect option to show one’s classy and sassy sides.  The print is bold, yet has a softer side.  The colours pop, but are also quite neutral.

There are multiple ways to make this dress both classy and sassy.  A classy girl would pick up on the muted shades in the pattern and find a way to make the dress both appropriate for the workplace and meeting her fella’s parents for brunch.  A sassy girl would bring out the bold colours of the dress and make the pattern pop even more.  She wouldn’t shy away from mixing in other prints or adding funky accessories like fox face slippers and beetle shaped rings.

Whether you wake up in the morning feeling classy or sassy, the Palette on Parade Dress from ModCloth is the perfect option to match any one of your moods. 

ModCloth Palette On Parade Dress - Sassy Look