Today is my 10th consecutive day without coffee.  Though I am proud of myself, I have to admit…it has been really really difficult!  Coffee has helped me power through many a  morning when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed.

My dependency on coffee was a slow progression.  I used to be a tea-only lady and had no love for the bitter, pungent taste of straight coffee.  But, it started with just one cup to get me going for early mornings.  Then, somehow my morning cup turned into 2 morning cups, which somehow turned into 2 morning cups plus a mid-afternoon cup.  Sure, I had a lot of energy and I got a lot done, but the nights upon nights wide awake trying to will myself to sleep were making coffee more of a hindrance than a help.  The vicious cycle of using coffee to give me energy and then not being able to sleep because of too much coffee had to stop.

So, I quit coffee.  Cold turkey.  No coffee, no lattes, no mochas.  No coffee.  Yes to tea (but more on that later).

I sleep better, I feel better, and I even look better.  The under-eye circles are still there but at least they are not as prominent or coupled with the oh so attractive bags under the eyes.

Benefits of Drinking Tea

In place of coffee, I’ve become a reformed green tea lover.  It used to taste and smell all too much like grass for me, but there are so many new flavours of green tea to choose from that I wasn’t even aware of.  I now look forward to my morning cup of passion fruit green tea, pomegranate green tea or (especially invigorating) mint green tea.  The benefits of green tea are multiple – its full of antioxidants and all sorts of amazing things that can make you feel good while still having the benefit of some caffeine.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Sure coffee is sexy (vanilla caramel latte with whipped cream, anyone?), but tea is good for the body and for the soul.  It is warmth and comfort all in one little cup.  And yes, it has caffeine so if you are like me and need a boost to get you through the day, tea is a great choice.

(From top left) Revolutionary Tea Bottle from More Tea to take loose leaf tea on the go! – Butter London Tea With a Twist Set (available at Anthropologie) – Green Tea Shortbread Leaves Recipe (via Martha Stewart)  – My favourite Green Tea with Mint (from Tetley Teas)