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This year marks the first year I have ever been Black Friday shopping.  Being from Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October, thus Black Friday is a distinctly American phenomenon that I have yet to experience.   So naturally I am excited (ok, and a little scared!) to dive into midnight madness at the Seattle Premium Outlets tomorrow and some mall shopping at Alderwood Mall on Friday.

As I really don’t know what to expect, I’ve decided I need a plan of attack.  Instead of getting distracted by the word sale and the sense that I will miss out if I don’t buy like crazy, I am looking for what I call “The New Basics”.  Now that my closet has the basics, it’s time to amp up the style factor with some items that are neutral enough to go with what I already own but also add some colour, embellishment and prints.

I have an outfit that I have been dreaming of for a while, centred around my quest for the perfect pair of brown boots.  A loose-fitting yet still expertly cut white blouse and faded black skinny jeans paired with said brown boots would be a chic way to create a new classic look for my wardrobe.

The New Basics, Modern White Blouse, Faded Black Skinny Jeans, Flat Brown Boots

This Black Friday I am adding The New Basics to my wardrobe, starting with a complete new outtfit with them (via my Polyvore page).

There are loads of great options out there to spice up one’s wardrobe, but my choices lean towards again, the New Basics.  A black cape that belts at the waist is ever so chic.  A statement necklace can add the “wow” factor to any outfit, no matter how plain.  An embellished sweater brings weekend outfits up to par with the fashionistas.  Add in animal print blouses and fun, feisty flats and what do you have?  The New Basics (of my new wardrobe, I hope!).  Wish me luck on my Black Friday adventure!

The New Basics, Cape, Embellished Sweater, Statement Necklace, Python Print, Fun Flats

Amp up your wardrobe with the New Basics – colour, prints, jewels and more. (via my Polyvore page)