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It is not often these days that I encounter someone who truly pushes my buttons.  I am usually calm, cool, confident and collected.  It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers…but if someone or something does, they will know it!

The other day while at lunch with classmates, I encountered a person who just rubbed me the wrong way.  Not only was he a chronic interrupter, but when he interrupted, he did so with unsolicited advice.  For many, interrupting while someone else speaks is rude in itself, but to top that off by giving advice to people you barely know?  Well that just takes the bad manners crown.  When it was my turn to be verbally assaulted by the interrupter, I reacted swiftly.  Plainly put, I told him I was just trying to have a conversation, I was not looking his advice.  Bold?  Yes.  Effective?  Hopefully.  Polite?  Possibly not.

I felt silly for letting this virtual stranger get under my skin and losing my cool (albeit for a brief second).  It also got me to thinking.  If I was annoyed at this person constantly speaking and spewing advice, why did I respond with more words when perhaps ignoring him would have done the trick?  I haven’t quite figured out how I let this happen, but I know I want to learn from it.  Why waste time on those who choose to speak loudly to hide their insecurities?  The best way to handle those types of people in life is to take a page from Frank Ocean’s book and drown their noise in the sounds of your success.
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