To list or not to list?  That is the question buzzing around in my head over the last few weeks after discovering the abundance of bloggers, writers and people in general who make lists about what they want to accomplish.  I have read lists about what you should do before turning 30, what you should own before turning 35…lists on the 10 items every woman should have in her closet, lists about the 5 dates every couple should go on…the list goes on! (pun intended)

At this point, I am both annoyed about everything that I supposedly need to accomplish and feeling a sense of panic.  Am a I slacker because I don’t want to do all these amazing things that are supposed to make my life better?  Writing things down does really help you accomplish what you set out to do and I will write lists from time to time.  But what I’ve realized now is that when I do make a list, it is rarely about the really “big” stuff in life, like my career, relationships and personal growth.  The more I thought about the idea of these lists, the more defensive I felt.  And that’s when I realized, the fact that I don’t want to make a big list of what I want to accomplish says more about me than I imagined:

I am afraid of failure.

I have yet to write a long list of what I want to do in life because if I make a plan, I risk failing.  This, my friends, is not the live classy, stay sassy way that Lady In Charge is about and I know I need to do something about this.  So, with that I mind, I sat down and wrote out a real list of 5 things I want to do before I turn 35. I figure that 5 is a manageable number of goals and being 32, I have nearly 3 years to accomplish them.  Should be a cinch, right?

Wish me luck!

5 Before 35…

Five Before 35, Life Goals1.  Make a switch in my career to Project Management and become certified.  I am going to school right now become a Project Manager, so it makes sense to work on getting a job in this field and as well as have earned the certification for this.

2.  Get in the family way.  Be married and have a baby or one the way.  (Whoa, I just lost my breath for a second there.  eek!).

3.  Own a home with a backyard.  I am a homebody through and through, but I also love to entertain.  My dream home would have a relaxing patio, gazebo or even plain old yard with some flowers where I can sit back and relax with friends and family.

4.  Maintain a steady, healthy diet and exercise 2 to 3 times a week as to be at the optimal weight my doctor recommends.  This means being a good 10 to 15 pounds less than I am right now, but I am up for the challenge.  With a underactive thyroid and some underlying body image issues, I have to take back the control in my life so that I can be healthier and happier.

5.  Become a better sleeper and develop better bedtime habits.  This is a strange one, I know.  Basically, I know I need 8 hours of sleep to really feel rested.  But…I admit to sitting on my phone or laptop for some of the time I should be sleeping (as maybe you do?).  I know this is terrible for me, as I find there are days when I cannot fall asleep from over-exhaustion or over-stimulation from the pesky bring lights on electronic devices these days.  This has to stop so I can be well-rested when I wake up in the morning, instead of pressing the snooze button over and over again for a few more minutes of sleep.  I am planning to change my habits by:  1) Start night time routine earlier because I do a lot to be prepared for the next morning, 2) Do things that relax me before bed like reading a book or doing some stretches, and 3) Be a more calm person in general by spending less time fussing about what I didn’t do that day or what I need to do tomorrow.

I know that there is a chance I won’t be able to accomplish one or more of these goals and you know what?  I am ok with this.  What I am happy about is that I do know what I want, I just had to push myself a little to commit to my goals.  The rest I am sure will figure itself out along the way.