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Once upon a time, I was a high-powered executive that travelled all over the world in fabulous Armani suits, taking in meetings and brokering deals with successful international business people.  Ok…not really.  In real life, I managed a small team spread across a large territory and made frequent business trips to places like Duncan, Kelowna and if I was really lucky, Regina.  These were all places in Canada and within a 3 hour plane ride, sometimes to very cold places.  Not exactly glamorous, but luckily I did and still do love to travel, especially on airplanes.  There is nothing like walking down the wide hallways of the airport with my little rolling suitcase, stopping at Starbucks for a coffee, popping into the newstand for the latest issue of InStyle and settling into my seat for the thrill of taking off to a new or old destination once again.

So…ya…I love to travel a little bit, ok?

Lucky for me, I am getting away from all the madness in my life in exactly 10 sleeps (not that I am counting), heading to sun & sandy beaches in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  An early morning flight from rainy, cool Vancouver to a hot destination is not a trip I have often taken, so I have started thinking about a few ways to prepare.  What should I wear to be comfortable on the plane yet will work in the hot climate I am landing in?  Should I do my full morning hair and makeup routine?  How should I prepare so that I look and feel relaxed but still fabulous when I land?

These are the questions that a skin and beauty product loving lady like myself ponders.  With some research as well as drawing on my extensive travel experience,  here are the steps I am going to take to feel comfortable and look great while travelling and when arriving at my final destination.

How To Look Good While Travelling