Being short of time is a consistent feeling in my life lately, and probably one that I will have to deal with until I’m done this semester of school in December.  I apologize for my lack of posts lately – with work, school and life, I have tried but miserably failed at blogging.

My crazy schedule is actually what inspired my Halloween costume this year.  A quick peek at Pinterest for “easy DIY costume” comes up with a multitude of ideas, but this one was my favourite:  life-size Starbucks Frappuccino.  I owned the mocha coloured dress already, all I had to do was buy a few cream coloured feather boas at the dollar store, print out the logo and paste on cardboard (adding string to hang around my neck), and make the “straw” out of a paper towel roll, green construction paper and elastic.  Super easy, super cute and cost me a grand total of $7!

DIY Halloween Costume, Starbucks