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One of the items on my Fall Fun List I created a few weeks back was to find the perfect pair of brown boots.  I nearly crossed this item off my list earlier than expected when I found a pair of beautiful brown boots for $37 (!).  Sadly, the boots are sold out and even though I check back every day, they have yet to be re-stocked (sniff, sniff!)

Right now the weather in Vancouver is cold in the mornings but sunny and warm in the afternoons, so while a new pair of boots would be nice, they are not yet a necessity.  The forecast continues to call for sun, so I have some time to mull over what my options are.  I also have a Black Friday shopping trip planned and could probably make do until then though the thought of fighting the crowds to find the very specific perfect pair of brown boots I am dreaming of does not appeal to me at all.

So what do my perfect pair of brown boots look like?

They are leather, mostly flat with a rounded toe:

The length is up to the knee, no shorter, no longer:

They have a bit of classic gold detail but not enough to be tacky:

They are a medium brown.  Not chocolate brown, not taupe, not sequoia:

Fall Boots, Burbery, Frye,

If I could put these all together into one pair of boots, I would be over the moon with happiness. But, until I get some magical powers or find a shoemaker with mad boot-making skills, I will continue on my quest to find the elusive perfect pair of brown boots.