Today is National Coffee Day – a day to celebrate all that is great about coffee. While there are many health benefits to drinking coffee, and some may even be connoisseurs of the coffee bean with all its depths of flavour, let’s face it: we love coffee mostly because of the boost of caffeine (energy) it gives us!

National Coffee Day 2013

Case in point: when I found out that the Starbucks on campus where I take classes on Saturdays was not open until 10 a.m., I was literally devastated. I was counting on having a caffeine fix first thing before my 9 a.m. class to give me a boost before class (and during, after, so on). I used to despise the flavour of coffee, but now I can drink it with just a splash of soy or almond milk and really enjoy it too.

In honour of this blessed day, a few interesting tidbits about coffee:

– How you drink your coffee says a lot about who you are as a person, according to clinical psychologists. Thinking about the people I know who drink coffee (including myself), I have to say this study pretty accurate!

– There are many, many ways to use coffee in cuisine! I adore the espresso flavour tiramisu in particular. How about you? What’s your favourite use of coffee in a recipe?

– Speciality coffees can be delicious but full of calories, but My Thirty Spot has narrowed down some great options for less than 190 calories. Just skip the whipped cream and choose sugar-free syrups and you are (mostly) safe.