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Valentino Garavani, or simply Valentino as he is commonly known, has dressed the likes of everyone from Hollywood royalty (Elizabeth Taylor, Gywneth Paltrow) to real royalty (Grace Kelly, Princess Diana), and somehow in between 50 plus years of designing has managed to stay relevant.  One has to be fantastic at what they do to be so highly-regarded for so long, as Valentino has.  Though he’s known for elegant, well-tailored red-carpet worthy gowns, over the last year he’s gone a bit edgier with his “Rockstud” collections: shoes, clutches and purses with gold studded details.

I’ve been swooning over the Rockstud collections for a while now.  This fall, instead of contrasting gold studs, the studs are monochromatic but the result is the same chic yet edgy look.  It almost looks like fashionable Legos studding the bags and shoes for this season’s collection.  Sounds strange, but Valentino is a master at what he does and it works.  I particularly adore the Rockstud Rouge collection.  How amazing would this collection look with…well…everything!?