It’s the last day of August, the long weekend is upon us and “back to school” is becoming a more and more of a reality…even for me!  I am in fact going back to school in a week – part time – working on my certificate in Advanced Project Management.  I’m actually really excited for this.  I’ve worked long and hard to get to a point where I am close to knowing what I want to do “when I grow up”, so starting this program is a challenge I am ready to take on.

That being said, with working full time and now going to school part time, everything else becomes a bit less of a priority until I get settled into a new routine.  So, while I get my self back into “study mode”, I’m going to take a bit of a vacation from blogging – a “blog-cation” if you will.   I love being creative and this blog has become one of my outlets for that, so I would not even dream of making this an extended leave.  I believe in balancing life’s needs, but also know that I am only human and I cannot do it all…all at once anyway!

See you all back right here in a few weeks with my “back to school” update!

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