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Crazy Rich Asians, Into the Gloss, Tracy Anderson, 40 Days of Dating

Gotta keep blooming…I need energy for the weeks ahead! (Image Credit)

With a crazy few weeks ahead of me (two weddings, a trip to Toronto for work, starting school part-time), managing my energy is more important than ever.  The best way I have always found to achieve this is to eat healthy and make time for rest.  I am pretty good at that but lately I have been sneaking in some goodies into my diet that should not be there (hello ice cream, chocolate, and cookies), so I am vowing to make more trips to the salad bar for lunch than to the vending machine for 3pm snacks this coming week.  My boyfriend keeps telling me about the virtues of weight training, so sometime this weekend I want to pick up some light weights and start a simple routine.  It’s all about keeping things in moderation to keep a healthy, balanced life.  Like this quote, I want to be always blooming…with energy that is!

The Tracy Anderson Method is what has kept us all increasingly envious of Gwyneth Paltrow’s physique over the last few years.  Though she seemed to come out of nowhere, Tracy Anderson herself has been working on growing her fitness enterprise for years.  Into The Gloss has a first hand account of how she went from the wife of an NBA player to a fitness guru to the stars.

I am always looking for ways to keep up with new styles but stay true to my personal tastes, so this article on the “new wardrobe essentials” piqued my interest earlier this week. Sometimes getting dressed for the day can seem formulaic if you don’t invest in some different pieces from time to time.  Now I have some ideas to keep my classic look but still feel fresh and current.

Can friends become casual dating partners and even lovers successfully?  Two real life friends try out this theory in a dating experiment called 40 Days of Dating.  Their relationship test drive is documented with his and her blog posts on their daily challenges.  It’s a sweet, honest and very real portyal of the beginnings of a relationship.  A great read!

Speaking of great reads, I finished the book Crazy Rich Asians in record time last weekend.  Download this book to your Kobo or Kindle now!  It has the feel of a good old-fashioned beach read but with rich detail and multiple fascinating story-lines.  There are rumours that the author Kevin Kwan is planning a trilogy and the first book now may even become a movie.  I loved the Hunger Games, but finally finding a series of books and movies for my age group that I can get on board with is exciting.