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Links of the Week, August 9, Lady In Charge

One of my Instagram photos from this week – a pretty floral arrangement at a bridal shower

I have always loved long weekends, but after the crazy and stressful shortened work week I have had (it was a holiday in Canada on Monday), I’m not so sure anymore! It seems like people were trying to fit 5 days worth of tasks into only 4 days, which I can tell you is not only impossible, but painful!  Thankfully, I have absolutely no set plans this weekend, so that will be my time to recharge by doing whatever I feel like (besides the standard errands of course).  I will probably do some cooking, maybe start a new book (I just finished Orange is the New Black last week – highly recommend it), and perhaps tackle a long-awaited DIY project by re-dyeing an old jean jacket.  Admittedly, I have had little time for reading with all the craziness at work and home this week, but here is what I’m going to take some time to enjoy this weekend.

One of my favourite blogs is Cupcakes & Cashmere, not because it is the blog for fashion and lifestyle bloggers to look up to, but because its creator and writer Emily Schuman is so sweet and relatable, you cannot help but fall in love with her.  She’s recently revealed the site’s new design which I am looking forward to exploring.  I might even find some inspiration from one of the best and most successful blogs out there to update Lady In Charge soon as well.

Shopping is my cardio! So perhaps I will pop by Banana Republic this weekend and hopefully there will still be some pieces from the Banana Republic Issa capsule collection left to try on.  Based on the pictures, I am not sure these looks from the Kate Middleton favourite will work on me with all the ruching and draping, but then again the fun of shopping is trying things on and seeing if they work for you.

The buzz-worthy video of the week has to be Stephen Colbert’s “Get Lucky” Parody.  I dare you not to dance to this one!