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Berry, Summer, Style

Incorporating more bold colour into my wardrobe with my “berry” bag and nails

Being comfortable with wearing bold colours is not something I have mastered quite yet.  I really don’t like to get noticed, so I tend to gravitate towards more neutral colours.  Yes, this is kind of silly when you have a fashion blog – I should be embracing all colours, not just the ones that make me feel like I “blend in”.  Yes, it is even more silly that I want to “blend in” when I’m a unique lady who should want to stand out on my own, but we all have our hang-ups!

Wanting to blend in is something I realize I need to get over, so I have been pushing myself to wear more colour of late.  I think I’m doing a good job at it (I’ve even had someone at work comment on how much colour I wear!) and I am noticing the colours I gravitate towards are more bold and less blah.  One of those colours is what I like to call “Berry”.  Call it what you like, but it is that bold, bright, delicious shade of pink that looks amazing on any skin tone and punches up any outfit.

With that in mind, here are some of my “berry” favourites, via my Polyvore page:

Berry, Summer, Style

Berry bold summer style