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Links of the Week, August 2It’s August?! How did that happen so quickly? Now that the last full month of summer is here, I am anticipating the sun setting earlier and the mid-summer laziness transitioning to end of summer frenzy as we try to do all the things we want to that require warm weather. I was lucky to see an amazing concert this week (Justin Timberlake! Jay Z! Legends of the Summer!) and I’ve kept my promise from last week’s LOTW to make more plans with friends which I am excited about as there is truly nothing like a good catch-up with your girls. It’s also a long weekend out here in Canada, so I have an extra day off to relax and enjoy some great company.  Whether your weekend is two days or three, I hope you have a fantastic one & make time to peruse this week’s links!

I love my city (Vancouver) but oh my goodness it is expensive to live here! At first this CNN article on trying to make it as a tourist on $10 a day in Vancouver made me sad:  I live in a beautiful city with great places to see and amazing places to eat, so what if it’s not as cheap as another city?  As the writer himself realizes, yes, $10 a day in Vancouver will not get you much, but with a bit more money in your pocket you can have a fantastic time here.

When I first saw the headlines about a reporter live-tweeting his mother’s impending death while bedside with her in the ICU, I had a strong negative reaction to it.  Why would anyone waste time on Twitter when they are about to lose a loved one?  But, after reading his actual tweets , my thoughts turned to empathy for a man who has lost his mother and admiration for the sweet tribute he wanted to give her in her last days on Earth.

The fashion world was all abuzz earlier this week to see Eva Chen’s first try as editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine.  See, she’s considered the first of the “next generation” of editors-in-chiefs, reflecting a fresh outlook on curating fashion magazines.  While that doesn’t really excite me as I’m not a huge magazine reader, I was definitely interested in seeing which 4 beauty products she thought were “good to the to last drop”.

Ending off the week, I wanted to share this video of the “Legends of the Summer”, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, performing Jay Z’s “Forever Young” live in Yankee Stadium, just as they did at BC Place earlier this week.  I am a huge Justin fan and thought I’ve always liked some of Jay Z’s songs, I didn’t really buy tickets to the concert to see him.  But, after watching him perform live, I have so much admiration for him.  You can tell he truly lives and breathes for what he does, and there is nothing cooler than watching someone who is both passionate about what they do and also very talented at it.   This song makes me nostalgic for all the times when I felt young and invincible, but also awakes the urge in me to keep young by doing whatever I am passionate about, just as Jay Z clearly is.