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Even though the full collection is not out until August 9, some VIB members of Sephora (including me) were given a sneak peek of the brand new Marc Jacobs Beauty line this past week.  I have been a huge fan of Marc Jacob’s fashion and fragrance lines for quite some time now, so naturally I was curious about his venture into beauty.  Other designers such as Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford have successfully made the transition into the world of beauty, so why not Marc?

After seeing some of the products his line has to offer, I have no doubt that Marc Jacobs Beauty will also be a success story.  The basis of his line is gel based and high shine, so expected great glosses, shiny nails and perfectly smooth foundations.  I can’t wait to try out these products in store at Sephora next month and plan to bring at least the Lust for Lacquer lip gloss home, a product infused with champagne!

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Currently coveting products from Marc Jacobs Beauty line but will have to wait until August 9 at Sephora!