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This week I have been determined to barrel through all the things that needed to get done so I could get to my often missed Sunday tradition: pjs, cup of tea, and nothing but time to fill up in the day ahead.  So here I am on Sunday morning, taking part in my tradition and let me tell you it is so satisfying!  I am proud of the things I accomplished this week (update to site design, tons of things at work, spending time with the people I love), so this feels like a perfect way to reward myself.  Here is what I have been reading while enjoying my cup of tea…enjoy!

Summer is one of the hardest seasons to dress for when it comes to work wear.  Mornings can already feel rushed and deciding what to wear when you are hot and sweaty does not make things easier.  Who What Wear shares some inspiration for dressing this summer in great colour combinations that will have you looking stylish and staying cool.

Y’all know how I love my caffeine and my designer goods, so how could I not share this gallery of gorgeous designer cafés around the world? I am love with the Gucci cafe – minimal, modern and most definitely on my list to visit now.

If you thought walking in stilettos was hard, how about surfing in stilettos?  These ladies are my heroes!

French women are known for living well but also looking great.  We all know their secrets to staying slim from the book French Women Don’t Get Fat, but how do they keep looking youthful and radiant?  Yes, drinking more wine is on the list.

Missed the video of “Jesse and the Rippers” of 80s sitcom “Full House” on Jimmy Fallon?  Want to see it now?  You got it dude! (I had to, I’m sorry!) .  Side note…how has John Stamos not aged at all since the show?!?