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Inspiration is a funny, fleeting thing.  If you don’t take advantage of being inspired now, the ideas will eventually fade away.  This week I have been inspired by anything and everything and it’s resulted in ideas for new blog posts, ideas for new ventures, ideas for new hobbies, ideas, ideas, ideas!  So, while I write all these ideas down so I don’t forget them, here are the links this week that got me thinking, laughing and through another crazy week.  Enjoy!

Is Justin Timberlake just a tease?  It’s starting to seem that way!  After teasing us with the release of new music earlier this year, here he is again teasing us with a new song “Take Back the Night”.  Though it sounds like another hit, can anyone figure out when he’s releasing it?

As someone with a larger chest but also someone has been sedentary most her life (shopping is my cardio!) and thus never had this be a challenge when playing sports, I found this article about managing a feminine shape as a female athlete eye-opening to say the least.

Crisco, Monistat and Preparation H are not labels you think to include your beauty drawer, but the gals at Beautylish want you to reconsider after testing some of the latest surprising beauty fixes.

Nostalgia is a feeling that is hard to explain yet so universally understood among people of all walks of life.  Scientific American examines why the past can drum up so many emotions in us.

Speaking of nostalgia, the heydays of airline travel are most certainly in the past but not yet forgotten.  If time travel were an option, I most certainly would take a trip back to a time with champagne toasts and more leg room!

And speaking of travel, how amazing would it be to take with a trunk filled with designer outfits to a foreign land for an adventure?  The natural next question would be then, where does one find a trunk?  Well, literally at a trunk show.  The little known French travel goods-maker Moynat is not only reviving the trunk show, but taking it on the road, starting in Paris. Problem solved!