For many, travel is a way to escape from reality.  For me not only is the actual act of traveling an escape, but so is the planning, preparation and anticipation of travelling.  While often stressful, I love details so planning out a trip is always something I jump at the chance to do.  I also love the excitement and the buildup beforehand – whether a weekend getaway or longer adventure, counting down the days until a trip keeps me going when the doldrums of “real life” get to be too much.  Right now I have no vacations booked that I can plan for (though some in mind), and it’s bringing me down a little bit!  It’s not that I want to escape my life, but sometimes you just need to press “pause” on all your responsibilities and just live to live with nothing else in your way.

We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape us.    ~ Unknown