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The little black dress is the staple of any fashionable lady’s closet, this we know for sure. It is versatile, hides a multitude of flaws and can be found in styles to fit any budget.  A little black dress can also be a great fall-back when you really don’t know what to wear to a special event and don’t have the budget for a brand new outfit.

How to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress) for Summer

My “boring” LBD (Little Black Dress) definitely needed some styling for a summer wedding!

I came to this conclusion myself when I was invited to attend a wedding in my fella’s family a few weeks back.  My family is Indian so most of the weddings I have been to are of the big, fat variety.  Getting “decked out” with sparkly outfits, big jewelry and bold makeup is the norm and critiquing outfits can be the most exciting part of attending such a wedding.  My fella is not Indian and his cousin’s wedding was a “small” wedding of 100 or so people at a local golf course.  Knowing all this, I had to pick something a little more subtle yet still stylish.  Enter LBD – little black dress!

The LBD being the fall-back, staple item that it is can get boring.  I had worn this particular dress twice already in the winter and was not feeling so inspired to wear it again.  I wanted to look dressed up without looking over the top as I was used to for most weddings I had been to, but also show my fella’s family that I am a stylish young lady who dresses appropriately for events.  Totally do-able right?  Well…

To jazz up my boring LBD, I started off with a “statement necklace” in a pretty blue:

How to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress) for Summer

Would this pretty blue necklace be enough to spice up my little black dress (LBD)?

My friend, knowing my conundrum, then helped me find an adorable retro-looking bracelet:

How to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress) for Summer

Detail of the retro-look bracelet I found for my LBD.  Woud this and the necklace take my look to the next level?

I was going to pair these with gold stud earrings, gold sandals and a gold clutch and call it an outfit, but I still felt un-inspired!  The gold and blue were complementary and classic, but there just wasn’t anything interesting about this outfit.  I thought about new shoes to liven things up, I thought about getting my hair done to look more dressed up, and I even thought about nixing the whole LBD idea and wearing something totally different.

Thankfully, I reeled in my negative thinking and instead started looking for new accessories to spice up things.  It came down to the wire but the night before the wedding, I ended up finding a pretty floral clutch and colourful shawl to pull the outfit together:

How to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress) for Summer

The final touches – floral clutch and purple shawl to pull my summer LBD look together.

I have to say, I was pretty pleased with my finds!  When I got dressed that day, I felt like I was going to a summer wedding with the lovely colours of the shawl and clutch.  I realized again that the little black dress is the perfect foundation for a great outfit, but you have to build on it and switch up things when you change seasons.

How to Style a LBD (Little Black Dress) for Summer