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Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, product reviewBeauty trends are like those of any other industry: products come and go, but only a few actually stay on the shelves.  At first glance, the beauty balm or BB cream seemed too good to be true, but with its popularity only increasing, the BB cream is definitely here to stay. If you’ve been living under a rock or just aren’t into beauty trends, BB creams have been around for ages in Asia but only recently made their way over to North America.  They are touted for their multiple uses from covering blemishes to minimizing pores to anti-ageing effects.  Think of a BB cream as a tinted moisturizer with added benefits.

I’ve tried a few BB creams – Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream and Clinique Perfecting BB Cream – but found their coverage to fade before the work-day ended and thus relegated to the back of my makeup drawer for emergency only.  This is a common complaint about BB Creams: because of their multiple uses, finding one that covers fully and doesn’t need to be re-applied throughout the day is difficult to find.  I’m a hard-core primper but even I am not on board with having to reapply my “base coat” of makeup more than once a day.

That all being said, I’m not one to give up on anything easily, which is a good thing because on my last visit to Skin Health Kitsilano for a facial, I was happy to find that Jane Iredale makes a “full coverage” mineral based BB cream.  Knowing the miracles mineral makeup has performed on my acne-prone skin, I was intrigued to say the least.  Not only that, Jane Iredale is known for top-grade products that can be used after even the most harsh skin treatments, so I felt I was going to be purchasing a quality product.

With the help of lovely Gretchen from Skin Heath Kits, I was thrilled to find my perfect shade of Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream.  Sadly she didn’t have my shade in stock…but later that day, I stumbled upon a different spa that had my shade, so I happily snatched it up and went skipping home to try my new BB cream.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream, product review

Would Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream change my mind about beauty balms?

Claim to Fame: “covers blemishes, minimizes pores, disguises wrinkles and smooths and brightens skin.  THE LOOK luminous THE FEEL velvet” (via janeiredale.com)

Price Point: $50 to $60, available at high quality spas and online via multiple sites including Jane Iredale’s website.

The Results

Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream most certainly lives up to its full coverage claim.  I found the coverage was superior to the BB creams I had tried before and I only needed a dime-sized amount to cover my whole face.  This product goes on best with a foundation brush and set with a mineral powder (I used Jane Iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 Mineral Foundation powder).

The true test was whether the coverage lasted through my workday….and I am happy to report it did last from 9 to 5, plus even a night out after that!  On the less positive side, I found by mid-day I had an oil situation to handle.  It wasn’t an oil slick but it was more t-zone oiliness than I was used to so I definitely needed to apply pressed powder to get things back to normal.  I thought using a different powder to set the BB cream would make a difference, but I tried a few others I had on hand with the same results.

Bang for the Buck: BB creams come in all types and price ranges, but being a spa-quality product with such great coverage not to mention the benefits of minerals as well as the tiny amount needed to cover your face, Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream has a significant bang for the buck.

The Last Word: I want to love this product.  I really do!  Why? Well, because there are so many great things about it:  it is a full-coverage mineral based BB cream that only requires a small amount to cover your face and provides lasting coverage all day.  In that sense, it is the perfect BB cream.  However, I can’t give Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream top marks because of the mid-day melting I experienced.  Likely, because of its great coverage, this BB cream is heavier and if you have oily skin like I do, this would probably happen to you too.  Personally, I am willing to sacrifice a little midday powder touch up for all the other great things that Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream has to offer because a fantastic BB cream is so hard to find.  But…I again refuse to give up and will continue my search for the perfect BB cream, if such a thing exists!