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Every lady knows that while shopping is fun, trying to find the right thing to wear can be utter torture. Have you ever, while knee deep in a pile of rarely worn clothes and already late to work/a date/an event, declared “I have nothing to wear!”?? If you are honest with yourself, you have been there. Heck, we have all been there from time to time, yet we keep buying more clothes thinking that our problems will be solved if we have a new outfit.

I have nothing to wear!  Or do I??

I have nothing to wear! Or do I??

So, what does one do when the season changes and we want to celebrate with a change of outfits? Well, if you don’t want to endure the above scenario yet again, do not, I repeat, do not head to the mall, your favourite boutique or to your favourite e-commerce website to shop. Turn right around and head to your own closet. I know what you are thinking: “This makes no sense, I already know have nothing in there to wear!” Or do you? Do you really know what you own and what looks good together? Chances are you have no idea what you actually have in your closet because you keep adding more clothes but forgetting to create outfits that you can put together in a pinch for any occassion.

This is my number one lady lesson when it comes to style. To avoid the frustration and ultimate disappointment in trying to find something to wear – shop your closet! Go through what you have, try on different pieces with one another and see what works together. I guarantee you will find at least one new outfit that you never even thought of putting together. Take the time to try things on and figure out what goes together or find what is fabulous and just needs an accessory or two to make a great outfit. Trust me, once you have a that mental picture of what you own, it is much easier to shop in real life to match new and old pieces.

I have been shopping my closet for a few years now and tend to make a “shopping trip” around the start of a new season. In the lead up to this spring, I found 4 great “new” outfits and purchased a couple of items to add into the rotation that I knew would complement what I already had. I am excited for a fantastic spring now that I have my wardrobe sorted out.

Lesson of the day ladies? Before you go shopping for a new outfit, shop your closet. You never know what you might find!

Shop Your Closet - Spring 2013