There is something to be said about not dressing the part that others expect you to play.  Comedians for example are not historically the most stylish people and our expectations of them are similarly low when it comes to style.  From Jerry Seinfeld and his white sneakers, to Ellen Degeneres in her basic preppy sweaters, though they can make us giggle uncontrollably, comedians have rarely been able to tickle the fancy of a best dress-list writer.

Fast forward a few years to today, to a new wave of comedians: well-dressed, well-groomed and undeniably stylish.  One of these new era comedians is the multi-talented Mindy Kaling.  Most of us knew of her when she played Kelly Kapoor on The Office, but now that we see her every Tuesday night as the lead on The Mindy Project playing Dr. Mindy Lahiri, it is obvious this lady is stylish with a capital “S”, and not just “stylish for a comedian”.

With The Mindy Project being renewed for another season, we will hopefully get to see more of Mindy Kaling on the red carpet.  She’s a fantastic example of how to look sexy when you are curvy, but not in a way that is overt, offensive or in your face.  She prefers body hugging dresses with higher necklines and long Grecian style gowns that flatter her curves.  On the Mindy Project, Dr. Mindy Lahiri wears a lot of what she calls the “long sleeves mini” – a shorter skirt or dress with a long sleeved top or cardigan – undeniably inspired by Mindy Kaling’s talent for showing it off,  but just not all at once.  And for all us Reese-loving ladies, Mindy Kaling has answered the age-old question: “what does one wear to lunch with Reese Witherspoon” ?  The answer: chic booties, classic Chanel bag, and colour of the moment oxblood sweater.

A classy lady always dresses for the occasion, but remember you don’t always have to dress the part that others expect you to play.  Find your own style like the awesomely talented Mindy Kaling has (and and possibly score lunch with Reese!).

Mindy Kaling Style
Mindy Kaling StyleMindy Kaling StyleMindy Kaling StyleMindy Kaling Style