This month’s beauty bar review is a duo: Rusk Thickr Shampoo and Conditioner. I am one of those people that rarely can be bothered to do anything with their hair, but one thing I do spend time, energy and money on is making sure my fine, colour-treated, slightly on the oily side hair looks healthy and shiny but never weighed-down or greasy. As I have used other Rusk products for my fine hair (namely their Blofoam Rootlifter) and happened to find some sample sizes of their Thickr products, I thought it would be ideal to “audition” a possible addition to my hair care regimen.

Rusk Thickr Shampoo and Conditioner

Rusk Thickr Shampoo and Conditioner

Claim to Fame: Rusk “Thickr” products promise “Maximum thickness and volume for fine or thin hair” (via

Price Point: depending on the size, from $12 to $18 per bottle, available at most salons as well as Amazon, Drugstore and Folica websites.

The Results:

Thickr Shampoo: Upon first use, the Thickr shampoo left my hair feeling soft, smooth and a tiny bit more lush. After about 4 uses, I started to notice a buildup of the shampoo in my hair that left it greasy and limp. This turned out to be a pain to get rid of and after many shampoos with a different product, my hair is still not back to “normal”. Clearly, the thickening agents in this product are too heavy for my fine hair or it is overloaded with them to create maximum results at the expense of keeping hair residue free.

Thickr Conditioner: As with the shampoo, Thickr Conditioner had a great smell and with using a dime sized amount, my hair was completely detangled. After realizing the shampoo was not for me, I did keep using Thickr Conditioner to see what would happen, every few days or so. Overall my hair was slightly more volumized, but there are tons of drugstore conditioners out there that can do the same thing.

Bang for the Buck: With the residue left from the shampoo in particular, it is no question I spent more on shampooing my hair when I used this product. As for the conditioner, there are other products that I could use that could do more for the same price or even less, so the Thickr duo fails in entirety when it comes to value.

The Last Word: The Thickr Shampoo and Conditioner has helped me realize that perhaps a volumizing product is more suited for fine hair as opposed to a thickening product which can leave residue and buildup for weeks. If you have fine hair, you may want to try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner before you give thickening products like Rusk Thickr Shampoo and Conditioner a go, though I would not recommend the Thickr line after my experience. My favourite volumizing shampoo and conditioner are made specifically for colour-treated, fine hair from the L’Oreal Ever Pure line and that is a duo I would recommend!