The fashion world was a-flutter when Michelle Obama unveiled a her new banged-hairdo last week, mere days before her husband was sworn into his second term as President of the United States. The President himself even joked about the attention her bangs were getting in a speech last night, saying “I love her bangs!”. A classic statement from a most devoted and dutiful husband! Nice work, Mr. President.

The First Lady managed to erase the buzz about her hairstyle with her choice of evening gown for tonight’s inaugural balls. As she did in 2009, Michelle chose a creation by American designer Jason Wu. Her first inaugural gown took Jason Wu from “up and coming” designer to the top of the fashion world overnight and her choice was a shock to many at the time. Througout the last four years she has shown her love for his designs, but her choice to wear a gown by him again tonight has soldified forever his place in fashion history. I personally think this dress is even more gorgeous than her first inaugural gown and shows not only the evolution of Jason Wu as a designer but Michelle Obama as a style icon. The red velvet halter-style gown with chiffon overlay is a classic choice for a very stylish First Lady that will not soon be forgotten.