Jennifer Lawrence has risen to fame over the last year starring as Katniss Everdeen in the first instalment of the Hunger Games series. With her long blond hair, cherubic cheeks and steel blue eyes, she is truly what they mean when they say “golden girl”. We normally see her stepping out in bold colours and metallics which complement her fantastic skin and amazing figure. She’s always on the mark in terms of fitting her body type and keeping a classy yet sexy vibe about her.

Jennifer is also equally as stunning with her recent change to darker hair, dramatic make-up and all black ensembles. She’s hired on Rachael Zoe as her stylist and the transition is evident. To get noticed as a serious actress, not just another starlet, means employing a big name stylist to take your look from “golden girl” to “Actress” with a capital “A”. Jennifer may go back to colour and light, but for now she is pulling off the dramatic dark look flawlessly. I love the idea of transforming yourself into what you want to be through your style. As they say, dress for the job that you want not the one that you have.

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