The Golden Globes are airing next Sunday January 13 and they signal the “official” start of the awards show season in Hollywood. Seriously, it feels like every single organization related to the movie industry holds their own awards show and by the time the big daddy of all awards shows, the Oscars, rolls around, I am almost (but not quite!) tired of it all.

The truth is that I love this time of year for all the excitement around the best movies and actors as well as the gorgeous gowns and jewels. This year the Golden Globe awards have the potential to be the best they have been yet, with two of my favourite ladies co-hosting: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. For fans of SNL’s Weekend Update feature, you’ll know that when you put these two together, comedic magic happens. I’m especially excited to see two talented women take the stage to do more than just show off the latest in haute couture (though that part is still fun!). I’ve been a huge fan of Tina Fey for ages (her book Bossypants is a favourite) and who can not love Amy Poehler pregnant-rapping her way into the SNL skit history books?

These two ladies are definitely in charge and ready to roll in t-minus 6 days!