There are very few true role models for girls and women these days it seems.  We choose fame over substance when it comes to who we focus our media attention on.  We glorify people who have no talent except for being popular (their name starts with  “K” people!)  As someone who appreciates keeping a classy profile while letting your personality shine through, it’s hard not to get frustrated at the lack of real “ladies” out there to emulate.  But…there is hope!

It’s no co-incidence that in a world of trashy reality stars and random wannabes taking over our worlds that fashion and & beauty have rebelled to create more classic, lady-like collections over the last few years.  On top of that, the popularity of the royal family, in particular Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton), is about to reach a fever pitch now that Will and Kate are expecting a child.

So, with that all in mind, Lady In Charge declares 2013 the Year of the Lady!   It’s a great time to talk about real beauty products that actually work with our “Beauty Bar” feature.  It’s a great time to celebrate those who live classy and stay sassy with our “Lady of Style” picks.  And it’s an even better time to look at ways to be a true Lady In Charge of your life in all aspects:  fashion, beauty, lifestyle and relationships.

It is time to get excited and change things!  I hope you enjoy this Year of the Lady with me!