Lady in Charge is a blog about fashion and life and everything in between.  Written and created by Miss M, a thirty-something lady from Vancouver, Lady in Charge is all about living classy but staying sassy.  What does that mean?  Well, Miss M has some particular views on this!

Living classy means putting your best foot forward in any situation.  Dressing with elegance, having great ettiquette and being a great hostess are all ways to add class to your life.

Staying sassy means never forgetting who you really are and what makes you unique.  Staying on trend but making those trends work for you.  Finding hobbies that you enjoy even if they are not popular.  Expanding your mind not just your wardrobe or your collection of vintage cake plates.

Miss M hopes this blog will inspire you to live classy and stay sassy on YOUR terms because life is too short to live on someone else’s!


Miss M